How Your Google My Business Profile Helps Your SEO

Google My Business profiles should be standard fare for businesses looking to bolster their web presence. Just having a functional GMB profile lends legitimacy to your company, which is something 84% of consumers consider when choosing where to do business. Plus, these profiles help your business show up for relevant search terms, targeting people within your service area. A Google My Business profile is free to create, and provides helpful insights to consumers like business location, hours of operation, services provided, and relevant updates.

While a GMB profile is free and simple to create, there are ways to optimize the information there in order to get the most benefit possible. GMB profiles have significant SEO (search engine optimization) value when done well. Here are a few things you can do to boost your SEO with a GMB profile.
  1. Verify your listing. Verifying your business’s listing builds your profile’s credibility in the eyes of Google, and thus in the eyes of the consumer. It proves that you are not falsely representing a business. Verifying your listing is simple and done by mail via postcard, which you will typically receive at the address provided in 5-7 business days.
  2. Create relevant, local content. Local content is something Google prioritizes when deciding which listing to show to consumers. If you have social media platforms, the same visual content can be posted to your GMB listing as well. This content should be highly relevant to your business’s location, and like social media, a consistent posting strategy is key.
  3. Optimize the information section of your profile with your keywords. When filling out your listing’s information, the business description should be optimized for your most relevant keywords, so that consumers’ search terms will trigger your listing to appear, and so that Google has a clear picture of what services you offer.
  4. We’ve covered in the past why Google reviews are important for your business, but a study done by Moz indicates that up to 15% of Google’s GMB ranking factors are related to the quantity and quality of a profile’s Google reviews. Collecting reviews –and responding to them– also help lend credibility to your business and build consumer trust.

In short, creating a well-optimized Google My Business listing provides crucial information to potential customers, builds authority and credibility for your business’s web presence, and can help your target demographic locate your business with ease. Interested in learning more about SEO tactics, or ready to improve your company’s web presence? i4 Solutions can help. With 20 years experience in all things digital marketing, we are your digital marketing resource. Contact us today.