5 Tips to Jump Start Your Internet Presence

Just a few years ago, television was a central concern for individuals.  Wasting hours watching television was often seen as wasteful and despite its popularity, was frowned upon.  However, the platform for human consumption has taken an entirely new form…the internet. The internet makes the entire world accessible to anyone.  Whether you need to watch the latest season of your favorite show, find out who won the Oscar for best actress in 1995 (it was Susan Sarandon in case you’re wondering), or find an old friend from high school, the internet makes it increasingly easy.  The average American spends more time surfing the web than they do socialize in person, making the internet the most popular place in the world.

That is why your business should also take up land in the cyber universe.  Most people research companies online before making any critical decisions and social media is becoming the bread and butter of sales and leads.  Basically, every company you come into contact with possesses some sort of internet presence or another.  However, setting up a website and creating a profile is only the beginning.  Establishing a great marketing strategy is key to keeping your business afloat in the sea of competitors that lurk on Google pages.  Here are some tips to get your website started on the way to the top!
Create a Simple, User-Friendly Website.  Many companies make the mistake of going over the top with their websites.  Keep them clean and simple…this makes them easier to use as well as keeps your customer’s attention.  Showing them too much at once can cause them to become overwhelmed and click out.  
Utilize Social Media.  Have your accounts link up to your website and vice versa.  This will give more crossover and allow your Facebook fans to access your website.  Since Facebook is the most prominent social media site EVER.  It is easy to communicate with customers and build a large following.  
Create a Local Business Listing.  Take advantage of Bing, Yahoo, and Google places.  This lists your company on maps and allows individuals to access your location easier.  It also provides another opportunity to show up in the sidebar when they are looking for your services, driving more traffic to your site.  
Use Analytics.  Understand how to look at and read analytics about your website.  Different reporting tools allow you to measure your growth and see where you need to make changes in your marketing implementation.  
Take Advantage of SEO Services.  SEO can be confusing, so entrust an expert to help build the authority of your website through link building, social media, and optimized content.  Our seasoned SEO experts at i4 Solutions specialize in a wide range of companies.  Visit our website for more information!