Why Video Content is Crucial to Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization, or SEO, requires a dedicated strategy in order to be successful. The factors that affect a website’s rankings are numerous: page speed, mobile responsiveness, the quality and number of backlinks, on-page keyword instances, just to name a few. You name it, it probably affects your site’s SEO rankings in one way or another. Since SEO is the backbone of organic search results, and thus, your entire organic web presence, it’s crucial to develop a strategic plan for each facet that it affects. One such facet is video content. The SEO value of video content both on and off a business’s website is often overlooked, but it should actually carry significant weight in your SEO strategy. Here’s why:
  1. Google’s algorithm accounts for both the quality of onsite content, as well as its relevance to a user’s initial search terms. Google only wants to serve content that is informative, relevant, valuable, and easy to navigate. Video content helps provide a variety of media on your site, which is valuable in the eyes of Google, but it’s pleasing to users as well since it’s interactive and it keeps them on the page longer. By increasing the amount of time users spend on your page, you’re also reinforcing to Google that your content is worth user’s time and that it provides relevant information to their search terms.
  2. Did you know YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world? Coming in behind Google, YouTube has nearly 2 billion users a month. Web users are more likely to visit your site from YouTube videos than they are from any other type of content. Offsite video content is a significant driver of organic traffic back to your website, especially when your YouTube videos have optimized video descriptions and relevant keyword tags. This makes it easier for your video to be served to relevant users.
  3. Video helps with your backlink strategy. As previously mentioned, the number and quality of backlinks to your site is factored into your SEO rankings. By creating your own optimized video content that links to a relevant page on your site, you’re boosting the number of backlinks to your domain. Not only are you increasing the number of backlinks, but the quality of these links is high as well since they come from video that’s highly relevant and optimized to your services.
If video content, both on and off your website, has been missing from your SEO strategy, it’s time to update your game plan in order to secure those coveted top placings on Google. If you have questions on improving your SEO, or you’re ready for some expert help in boosting your rankings and implementing a winning SEO strategy, the marketing team at i4 Solutions has 20 years experience in achieving SEO success for businesses across industries. Contact i4 Solutions for all of your digital marketing needs.