Lowering your CPC Advertising Costs

Keyword Match Testing
After narrowing down your target keywords, it is time to adjust your costs by changing how closely you would like your ads to mirror those searches. This is called the match type. Depending on your nice or industry, the various CPC costs between match types for the same keyword can range anywhere from minor (cents) to the extreme (tens of dollars).
In order to get a rough estimate of the differences between match types without impacting your current campaign costs, you should pause your campaign and change match types and check bid estimates. Then you can compare the results against the previous costs.
You should experiment to determine the real-time differences in conversions and costs between each match type. To get started with your experiments, create different ad groups targeting the same keywords, then set different match types for each ad group.
Larger CPC advertising channels rely on relevance in order to assign a quality score to your ads. Optimizing your campaigns for higher relevance will help your ads continue to ranks well, even when you face lower bidding.
In order to optimize those ads to CPC, try including the ad group keyword in the headline and description, being sure to make it look as natural as possible. It is also a good idea to practice using those same keywords in the landing page copy assigned to that ad group.
Landing Pages
Your landing page is an important factor in the quality score of your ads, which continues to determine your CPC. To improve your score you should keep an eye on the content being used on your landing page and make sure the content is well-written and clear to the readers.
However, it takes more than just a good landing page to increase your score. User experience also plays a factor in your overall CPC. Optimize your page loading speed and use well-thought-out UX design.
A great way to make sure your landing page hits all the right buttons is to use the Progressive Web App (PWA). This allows you to install applications from the browser window, functioning like a native app. The PWA checks markers that Google considers for great web experience across devices.
Optimizing Your Ad Groups
To lower your CPC while at the same time improving ad relevance, you should structure keywords and ad groups around your different products, services, and promotional offers that you advertise online and create a new landing page based on each campaign.
The process of creating different landing pages can be challenging, but it is well worth the time and effort in the long-run, especially when it comes to e-commerce websites with various products.
Understanding the ins and outs of CPC can be challenging and takes time to learn. If you are looking for an affordable and effective CPC strategy for your business, look no further than i4 Solutions. We have over 18 years of experience growing businesses helping them succeed. Give us a call today!