Why Using SEO Services to Rank For Too Many Keywords Could Hurt Your Utah Business

Getting your website to appear at the top of search results in Utah is the goal of most SEO services. Normally, you might think that more is better. If your website has more keywords, it will get more traffic. That logic seems sound, but it could end up hurting your website.

The easiest way to look at SEO is not from the search engine’s perspective, it’s from your audience’s perspective. Yes, keywords are important, but ranking for every keyword isn’t the best strategy. Instead, your company should adopt a usefulness mindset.

Search engines are trying to connect users to the most relevant websites. Everything a search engine is programmed to do has this singular goal. Keywords are important; they signal the search engine and tell it there is information relevant to a search query.

Getting users to your website is only the first step in ranking. If a user looks at your website and leaves too soon, search engines will flag your website as not being useful or relevant to the related search query and keyword. So even though your content is focusing on keywords, your website’s rankings will fall. SEO services aren’t going to be able to change this much.

Contrary to what may seem to be true, a company providing SEO services may not focus on all the keywords a company expects them to. In fact, the list of keywords may be vetted becoming much more specific. But why? Isn’t ranking for more keywords better?

If someone in Utah is looking for information on a dental procedure, common consensus would dictate that person is looking for a dentist to fix their tooth. This isn’t always the case. Perhaps they know someone who recently had a dental procedure or they already have a dentist who proposed a procedure or service that they know nothing about. These users aren’t necessarily looking for someone to call, they are looking for information.

One thing any company in Utah should consider when trying to determine what SEO services are best for their business is whether they are providing enough information to be considered useful. High bounce rates, people leaving your website quickly, are likely a result of your website failing to provide enough relevant information about whatever the search query is.

If your company offers a variety of services for Utah residents, you could consider starting a blog that offers general information relating to the services your company provides in the area it provides it. Blogs help SEO rankings considerably as they keep users engaged with your website’s content, flagging it as a resource relevant to certain keywords.

If a blog isn’t a good option for your company’s business right now, consider being more focused on specific keywords rather than stuffing as many keywords into a paragraph as possible. Specificity helps SEO as much as content does.

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